Liberation Hall Kelheim

The Liberation Hall is a monument on the Michelsberg above the town of Kelheim in Lower Bavaria. The memorial, commissioned by King Ludwig I. for the victorious battles against Napoleon in the wars of liberation 1813-1815, was begun by Friedrich Gärtner based on antique and Christian central building ideas and completed in 1863 by Leo von Klenze according to modified plans. The exterior façade is divided by 18 buttresses crowned by 18 colossal statues of Johann Halbig as allegories of the German tribes that took part in the battles. The round hall has a height of 45 m and a diameter of 29 m. Its interior is illuminated by a dome. The inner gallery can be reached by 82 steps. After a further 40 steps you reach the outer viewing terrace, from which you have a wide view of the Danube and Altmühl valley.

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Liberation Hall Kelheim

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