Füssen in the Allgäu

Füssen in the Allgäu offers an old town setting featuring townhouses from eras ranging from the gothic to the 19th century, and preserved city walls running halfway around the town dating back to the beginning of the 16th century – with a covered wooden walkway. The Hohe Schloss – one of the largest late-gothic residential castles in Bavarian-Swabia with wonderful trompe l’oeil on the courtyard walls – stands atop a crag and, as such, is unique in Bavaria (outdoor filming of the castle courtyard available upon request). There are a range of baroque churches; the former monastic church and currently the Catholic parish church of St Mang is particularly impressive (indoor filming possible with authorisation of the parish office). The baroque grounds of the former Benedictine monastery of St Mang now houses Füssen Town Museum (indoor filming in the listed baroque State Apartments possible upon request). Outdoor filming in St Mang’s baroque courtyard possible upon request.

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Füssen in the Allgäu

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